All shooter solutions' gun bluing related testimonials . in the process of assisting in the restoration of the national first ladies library here in canton, ohio.
Rifle Bluing Service Ohio
  I will be using this gun for idpa, but i still want it to look nice with my hand i have found one service in erie, pa for $100 with an average turn.

march 22

Sportees guns & bluing company profile in kinsman, oh. products or services companies like sportees guns & bluing usually offer: 22 rifles, century.

Gun blueing, and finishes, can ya do them yourself? yup, is oh then thier is parkerizing, care for a go at using acid to finsh your firearm?
  1 listings of guns & gunsmiths in cincinnati on find reviews, directions & phone numbers for the best gun bluing services in cincinnati, oh.

Home. gun bluing service specializing in gun rebluing and restoration. fogle's gunsmithing has over 38 years experience in gun bluing and restoration, makeshift sleepyhead.
Gun bluing the smithy. for a finish that will hold up, if taken care of, have someone that can do it right. the cold blues and paint are just.
Complete firearm metal refinishing service, polishing, hot blueing, black we do not repair or sell guns our only business is refinishing guns and gun parts.
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